This blog can be commented by anyone in the world. Students have also been asked to evaluate their peers constructively according to the following criteria:


  • What do you think about the description?
  • Is the structure clear and comprehensible?
  • What kind of literary devices does the author take advantage of in making his/her point? (more about literary devices HERE)
  • Is the depiction vivid? Does the story give you goosebumps? Can you FEEL the story or the inspiration behind it? Why/why not?
  • Does the story have a personal touch or a unique style?
  • Why do you like the story/ why not? Which details are the best?
  • How could the story be developed further?
  • What is your opinion on the subject?

Media / Appearance

  • Are there links / videos / pictures? What about captions?
  • Are they relevant?
  • Has the author considered copyrights and used only pictures that he/she is allowed to use?
  • Do you like them and why?


  • Is the language fluent and grammatically correct? Any suggestions on how to improve the story linguistically?

The teacher will comment the posts according to the same criteria on a scale of satisfactory / good / very good / excellent.


  1. Tuomas – David
  2. Fausia – Miia
  3. Pauli – Leo
  4. Ilhan – Mari
  5. Valeria – Petra
  6. Jani – Iida
  7. Pauliina – Emmi
  8. Janne – Markus
  9. Rebekka T. – Rebekka P.
  10. Kalle – Lauri
  11. Henry – Samu – Grigori
  12. Lila – Rahma
  13. Hanna – Roni
  14. Miska – Henri
  15. Panu – Alvar – Atte

READ AT LEAST THREE STORIES OF YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS AND POST THE MINIMUM OF THREE COMMENTS (one main comment and two others). IN CASE YOUR OPPONENT HAS NOT POSTED ANYTHING YET, YOU CAN CHOOSE ANOTHER POST TO COMMENT. JUST POINT OUT THAT YOUR PEER HAS NOT POSTED YET AND THAT THAT COMMENT IS YOUR MAIN COMMENT (tell that to the teacher at the beginning of your comment). AND THEN WRITE TWO OTHER, SHORTER COMMENTS.  Concentrate well on your main comment since by commenting on other people’s texts you’ll improve as a writer, too.



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