Day before the day, I siting in computer and my dream is that someone get me in
 abroad. I pack my bag and I believe my dream. Mum says don´t “dreaming is
 healthy.” But I hope that is  true. I eating so when always, I sleep and I
 dreaming. I don´t ever dreaming this much. I visited in school and I learn. NOW

My room door open and there stood handsome boy. My heart is fire. I look him
 mouth open and I think “I know, this happens, I know, I know”. Now we´re going
 to the airport. He says with me, we going, we going.. I waiting what he say,
but he say only we going.. in LAPLAND.. WHAT ? what you say ? in Lapland ??
yes, in lapland.. he laugh and say never, we going in Australia.

We spent, nice 2 weeks in Australia. We swimming, eating good food, sleeping,
sun oneself and party. And now I wake up in my dream…


Greeting Earthlings!

I woke up today at 06,55 AM, and I felt really sublime. The morning tea was drank with some leftover muttons. The Day was coming to be a really riveting, just like this tale. Unfortunately when I ate my muttons with my green tea, I realised that i had a long day of high-school ahead of me. So I packed my bag, and left for a adventure of a lifetime.

 I was walking down the rural alley this morning, when I saw a beautiful bee trying to massacre me, so I did what all good Frenchman do best in, Surrendering. When I was ready to submit to the bee’s will, the bee just looked at me and left. I was relieved by the fact, that the bees release their prisoners, as many other creatures just kill their victims of terror, like snakes and snails.

When I reached the international metro station of Rastila, I was relieved by the fact that the rural area of Rastila was behind of me, and that the urban area started, but urban area was full of dangers also. The Bees and the snails of the rural area were changed to be homeless hobos and street gangsters of the urban area.

I was stabbed by a hobo and I spend the rest of the day in the hospital.



The Unexpected Turn of Events that result in the episode of conclusion of this chapter of my life.

I drive to Savonlinna. I woke up 6 pm. Then i pack my things and left. My friend Iida lives there. The weather was awful. It was snowing and everything was so white. I drove 3 hours and then went to gas station to eat. The food was nice.

I start drove agen. Clock was 11 pm. I called to Iida and she was then chilling with the reindeer’s. I need to drive anymore just few hours.

Soon i was at Savonlinna. We went to movies and eat pizza. We went shopping.

We went to see Eminem too! It was cool!

Yesterday I woke up around 7 o’clock to go to school. I went to shower for 10 minutes and then I ate breakfast. After I ate my food I went to the bus stop. I waited for 15 minutes and realized that the bus wouldn’t come. I had to walk and I would be late so that depressed me a little.

When finally I arrived to school I noticed that there were no students at all. I was very confused because nobody told me that there were no school. I was relieved but also annoyed. I started walking to home but I realized that I didn’t see any people on the streets but I ignored that. I just headed back to home.

Then when I was just to arrive to home I saw a huge explosion. It was very far away from me but it didnt effect me at all so I ignored it. Then I saw Estonian war planes in the sky. They started bombing Itäkeskus but I didnt care, I just went home. When I arrived to home I opened my laptop, but then my mom called and told me to go to the nearest air-raid shelter, but I told i was fine. I took a nap and when I woke up Estonia had conquered Finland. Then my mom and I moved to Russia.

When I woke up I didn’t know that I was going to see Steve Vai’s concert in the evening. It was 8th of december my birthday. In breakfast table dad told me that he had bought tickets to the concert. I couldn’t believe it!! I Finally got tickets to Vai’s gig! It was extremely hard to keep myself calm because he is god of mine. I was so exited! But… it was a school day so I had to go school and I couldn’t concentrate at school at all.

Finally the concert started. First song which he played was Building the Church(see the clip below). Intro of that song is mind-blowing! I haven’t never seen better tapping technique. His music drugged me. It surely was the best moment of my life and I’m pretty sure that it won’t happen again. He played a few hours and it surprised me that he played all of my favorite songs. After the gig he signed my guitar and I got a picture of me and him.

Unfortunately this is just my imagination… But some day and somehow I will get tickets to Steve Vai’s concert.

I woke up 6:30 am  then I realize that  it’s early so I went back to the  bed. Later I woke up again and it was 7:30 am I got worried that if  I’m late and it was my second day in school .My mom asked me when I am going to school and I didn’t have time to tell her because I was in rush and I didn’t  eat .

  I run to the metro and then I saw my friend and she asked what happened to me I said:”  FIRST !! let me take a deep breath then lets talk. ” Then  I told her everything and she was laughing at me  all day .


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Last Thursday I had the worst day of my life. The day began when woke up, put  my clothes on and was already late from the first lesson. or that’s what I thought. I immediately ate some bread, put my shoes on and started running to the bus stop. Few seconds after leaving the house it started RAINING. I had to run as fast as I could to reach the bus in time. After reaching the school I remembered that we didn’t have the first lesson at all so in other words I arrived to school 40 minutes too early.

Later that day I was walking to the bus stop and just when I went out of the schoolyard it started raining again. Around 17 pm I was in home. I called my friends and we went out. I met my friends near Puotila’s Metro and after everyone had arrived we went to nearest pizza restaurant. We ate and left the restaurant, went to nearest park and did nothing.

In the evening we were just hanging around and the feeling was soooo looseeee. It felt like I was flying around. I was so tired. I took the first bus, went to home and straight to sleep.

At the time I felt loose: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osTJ-wbIl50

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