Day to remember

It was a normal rainy morning about two months ago,a friend of mine called and asked me to go to the fair with one of our common friend.
We went to the Helsinki Fair Center with two Ktm dukes. The fair’s theme was extreme car show and the fair was good but what made it a memorable day was that there were two C4 Corvettes.(I’m probably going to buy one even they are supposed to be very difficould to drive) Also the fact that I went to or we went to talk to the owner of the  Lamborghini gallardo lp 560-4 after litle discussion. I get to sit down and enjoy the lamborghini. I really appreciate the fact that some just let an unknown person to sit in a very expensive car, in fact, I wouldn’t have let anybody in if it had been my car and I also liked the fact that such a car is in a country so close to the Arctic circle. Anyway it was really memorable experience to me but it may not seem so awesome to all people.

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At last years July I was with my friend Noora and we were thinking about going out and drink, so we called to our friend Sevi if she wanted to  join us. Noora and Sevi didn’t have a lot of money so I paid our drinks. Noora called to her friend who was selling cheap vodka. Me and Noora went to Itäkeskus to buy two vodka bottles, after that we went back to Kontula and  at the mall we saw Jenna our other and asked if she wanted to come along. Three of us went to Vesala junior high school to meet Sevi.

We were sitting in subway and we stopped at Itäkeskus to get some lemonade and blanded it with vodka. Then we got back to the subway and we drank a little bit on the way to the centrum. We were just walking and sitting somewhere in the centrum and drank. We went to Pikkuhuopalahti to do some business and we saw couple of our friends there.  We were just chilling and drinking there. And I changed my shorts to jeans at the tram…

At 23.00 we went to Rautatientori, Jenna and Noora left home and me and Sevi stayed there for a while. Some friend called to Sevi and asked if we wanted to go to some party. So we went to the railwaystation and waited a train. We sat and talked on the train before we were at Tikkurila. When were got there some guys came with a car to pick up us. When we finally got to the party almost everybody was left or passed out but we still had a great night. We got a ride to back to Kontula and we went eating kebab.

I was working 2 weeks at S -market , I woke up every morning at six o’clock and my job started at seven o’clock .I was so tired,because I didn’t  go to sleep early. My job was putting foods in the shelves. The first couple of  days was physically painful,because wares was so heavy11 and  I was dying!!!

I was so tired. But I was used to….I got to know new people there, the people were very friendly. I was using working clothes and I helped customers because I couldn’t be  the cashier because I was underage, but to two hours earlier!!! I worked six hours it felt like forever.The last day was the best day of all because I was reached to two hours earlier!!! But I finally  I survived, and I got a juicy salary 8.15 and bought their school books. Then I felt  like a boss because I earn my own money.

I was on the way to school…Elevator arrived on the seventh floor and I waited in front of the door.I openned the elevator door and went in. I pressed the button and elevator started going down. The elevator stopped and lamp light went off. I´m alone and I was scared so much.I was stuck in the elevator….Eventually elevator move again.When elevator arrived the basement I walking thought the staircase. White limo waiting for me outside the door. I went to the limo and it started.

Limo driver brought me to the wrong school. I sighed…I was already late…

I woke up and I walking in the school, like always I do… I thinking… it was just a dream 🙂

On Monday last week was the most horrible day of my life. My day went wrong already when I woke up, because I had a headache. But I did a huge mistake and went to school. It was sunny, so I went to school by bike.

First lesson was religion. I was so tired, that I fell asleep for a moment. I felt that lesson was like 3 hours long. Second lesson was music and we wrote too much. After the lesson also my hand hurt. Third lesson was finnish. I was so hungry that I could not concentrate on working. In the middle of the lesson I went to eat. And as you can guess, food was not good. I was still hungry. The end of the lesson went suprisingly fast. The last lesson was opo. I became happy because the lesson ended 5 minutes earlier than normally.

It was still sunny when I left school with my bike. But huge clouds were following me. I had about one kilometer to home when it started to rain. And I had never seen so huge rain. I was pretty wet when I managed to get home. All my books were also wet. And things got even more worse. My friend called me and said: ” There is nice weather outside”. I was angry.

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