Comment pls for my post ”Hello landlovers” and read it its very interesting story. SOrry for this commercial but im lonely from finland. I reply to every1 !!!!


I woke up at 5.57 o’clock. There was thunder outside and I was very angry because I woke up for thunder. Then i didn’t get sleep and im tired at school. I eat two breads to breakfast and drank Pepsi. Then I played one game League of Legends. My ankle still hurts at morning so i said to my mother to send message to P.E teacher. But i was pretty sure that today is going to be very good day.

My school day was ok. I had mathematics, P.E, england and Religion. I was happy because I had wrote really good essay of religion. At english class I was displeased because the word count thing didnt’ work well when i had to write two hundred words and i didn’t know how many I had wrote already. But I still managed to hardly continue my life. I was already thinking of afternoon when I can see my friends at League of Legends and have fun with playing them.

I started playing with Ruttu and PeekaDooD. We had really fun and I was ability power Teemo, I had just bought super Teemo skin to Teemo. I had really fun but then all of sudden I got a PENTAKILL with my mushrooms !!!!