At June seventh we were in Inna’s concert in Tallinn with my friend Elena. It was the best day of summer. Concert was amazing but night in Tallinn wasn’t so nice… I will always remember that day.

I met Elena in Helsinki Central Station at morning and we went to boat port. It was sunny day and I had very good feeling because it was beginning of summer and I was happy to go to Tallinn and see Inna. In boat we bought box of cider and was drinking it and listening to music. We were in Tallinn about three hours before the concert started. We went to shop and bought some food. Then we went to park to eat, drink and chill.

At six we went with bus to Tallinn song festival grounds. There we met some finnish guy named Marko and he came with us. We were waiting for Inna about three hours but there performed some Estonian singers. Mario Bischin was a supporting act and i really like him too. Inna was also very good.  There was good atmosphere and everybody was drunk. We were in front of scene all the time and we lost Marko but it didn’t matter, because we still had fun.

After concert we didn’t know where to go so we went to Tivoli ( small children’s amusement park 😀 ) that was near to concert place but it was closed, so we just sat on trampolines until guard came and we left. Then we met some guys and went to driving with them by car. We went to water pipe bar and then we  just were chilling with them in Tallinn, but it was very cold at night and we realized that it wasn’t so good idea to stay in Tallinn for all night. We went to pizzeria and sat in pizzeria till morning. At morning we went back to Helsinki with boat. It is a still good memory even if night didn’t go according to plan.

There is a picture that my friend took

There is a picture my friend took