Today my day started like any other day. I woke up 4am and drank three cups of coffee, which was less than normal. Coffee is the most important thing for me in the morning. If I don’t get my minimum three cups of coffee,I will be really pissed off for all day.

After I left my home I went to the bus stop to wait for the bus number 94a, which will take me to the underground station  in Kontula. I made it just in time because the bus driver waited for me. There I took train to the itäkeskus and there I could walk to the school.My school day started with mathematics. After that lesson I went to the PE lesson,which were in Myllypuro. We had cooper running,but I couldn’t run because of my knee, so I just sat down and watched others running.

After that we went back to school where we ate and moved on to the next lesson, we had english. Our last lesson we had music. We wrote a lot like we always do. After that last lesson I was completely tired and started my way back home.So my day wasnt interesting in any way.