Day before the day, I siting in computer and my dream is that someone get me in
 abroad. I pack my bag and I believe my dream. Mum says don´t “dreaming is
 healthy.” But I hope that is  true. I eating so when always, I sleep and I
 dreaming. I don´t ever dreaming this much. I visited in school and I learn. NOW

My room door open and there stood handsome boy. My heart is fire. I look him
 mouth open and I think “I know, this happens, I know, I know”. Now we´re going
 to the airport. He says with me, we going, we going.. I waiting what he say,
but he say only we going.. in LAPLAND.. WHAT ? what you say ? in Lapland ??
yes, in lapland.. he laugh and say never, we going in Australia.

We spent, nice 2 weeks in Australia. We swimming, eating good food, sleeping,
sun oneself and party. And now I wake up in my dream…