I was working 2 weeks at S -market , I woke up every morning at six o’clock and my job started at seven o’clock .I was so tired,because I didn’t  go to sleep early. My job was putting foods in the shelves. The first couple of  days was physically painful,because wares was so heavy11 and  I was dying!!!

I was so tired. But I was used to….I got to know new people there, the people were very friendly. I was using working clothes and I helped customers because I couldn’t be  the cashier because I was underage, but to two hours earlier!!! I worked six hours it felt like forever.The last day was the best day of all because I was reached to two hours earlier!!! But I finally  I survived, and I got a juicy salary 8.15 and bought their school books. Then I felt  like a boss because I earn my own money.