I was sitting at the rain. My phone had been ringing all morning. “happy birthday” or “congratulations”, but how i can spend nice day when I am going to the country, I was thinking. My train travel it took seven hour and mid of the travel I noticed that gay, who was siting next to me, was drunk! I had not noticed it if he had not eating all my candies with out  asking at me. I was only thinking ” all right”

When I stepped out of the train first thing what I saw was five screaming people running at me. My best friends! They had come by bus from Helsinki surprised me!!! They gave me 87  Moomin stickers (I don`t  know what they was thinking!??  :D) and they took me night in secret night swim.  That was fun but we didin`t think that we have to walk four kilometres still there and back.

Of course nobody didn´t remember take the keys when we left. So we had to call my mother and she came to open the door to as. Our secret night swim was not secret anymore…  My mom was little bit angry but we had very fun and that was my best birth day!