On Monday last week was the most horrible day of my life. My day went wrong already when I woke up, because I had a headache. But I did a huge mistake and went to school. It was sunny, so I went to school by bike.

First lesson was religion. I was so tired, that I fell asleep for a moment. I felt that lesson was like 3 hours long. Second lesson was music and we wrote too much. After the lesson also my hand hurt. Third lesson was finnish. I was so hungry that I could not concentrate on working. In the middle of the lesson I went to eat. And as you can guess, food was not good. I was still hungry. The end of the lesson went suprisingly fast. The last lesson was opo. I became happy because the lesson ended 5 minutes earlier than normally.

It was still sunny when I left school with my bike. But huge clouds were following me. I had about one kilometer to home when it started to rain. And I had never seen so huge rain. I was pretty wet when I managed to get home. All my books were also wet. And things got even more worse. My friend called me and said: ” There is nice weather outside”. I was angry.