Yesterday was just like this day, just like all the other days. After I came to home from the school, I made myself a sandwich and I drank coffee. Coffee is the thing! I drink coffee all the time.

I remember when I took my first gulp of coffee and I totally enjoyed it. Why do I like coffee? It just tasted so good and all the others from my family drank coffee. And cause I have always liked energy drinks. And of course, I am really addicted to caffein and taurine. That´s probably the main reason.

Some people say that coffee/caffein is bad for people, but I don´t think so. It keeps you wake and steady etc. And the best thing it does: it makes you FEEEEEL GooD! It relaxes your body and senses etc. It´s like cheap drug.

If your playing games (you are, I know!) with computer or with Playstation etc. you need to drink coffee or energy drink(´s)! It´s like you have to have something that makes you feel good, cause if you are mad, nothing makes you feel good, only caffein makes you feel good. When I play LOL or something like that, I play a lot better if I have coffee or ES or something. I am a lot less mad when I can’t carry my team or I can’t play support cause my AD carry sucks on last hitting.  It hurts my feelings, but there is always a next match.