Yesterday I woke up around 7 o’clock to go to school. I went to shower for 10 minutes and then I ate breakfast. After I ate my food I went to the bus stop. I waited for 15 minutes and realized that the bus wouldn’t come. I had to walk and I would be late so that depressed me a little.

When finally I arrived to school I noticed that there were no students at all. I was very confused because nobody told me that there were no school. I was relieved but also annoyed. I started walking to home but I realized that I didn’t see any people on the streets but I ignored that. I just headed back to home.

Then when I was just to arrive to home I saw a huge explosion. It was very far away from me but it didnt effect me at all so I ignored it. Then I saw Estonian war planes in the sky. They started bombing Itäkeskus but I didnt care, I just went home. When I arrived to home I opened my laptop, but then my mom called and told me to go to the nearest air-raid shelter, but I told i was fine. I took a nap and when I woke up Estonia had conquered Finland. Then my mom and I moved to Russia.