Today I woke up at 7 and I proceeded  go to shower while i was half asleep. I hit my head on the cabinet floor while i was brushing my teeth, it hurt a bit and made a nice bump in my head. I was half dead when I went to eat my porridge in the kitchen were my father was making breakfast for me and my siblings. The day started normally but I didn’t know how much my life was going to change that day.

I left to school like normally by my bike at 8am. When I arrived at school with my friend we heard a loud voice from the schools stage it was Timo Soini and Jyrki Katainen. They were having a rap battle then they decided to start fighting in mud filled pool. In the end Timo won and he decided to make me the governor. I decided to attack Russia and take back what they once took from us Finns. Then he nominated me for president candidate for all the four biggest party’s. We had a quick vote for it but luckily my opposite candidate was Halla-aho so I won by miles. I was in the top of the world this was best what ever had happened to me.

Then a sudden blur and I woke up at hospital i had been i coma for 20 years. It was just a dream I remember I worked as a dustman. All that money and fame away and now I am just a regular man sweeping floors at McDonald’s.