When I woke up, I was as tired as I could ever be. I had cough, headache, cold, and I was hungry. When I got downstairs and opened the fridge it was empty. I nearly died because I was so damn hungry. Later in the morning , on my way to school, my backpack broke and every single one of my books and notebooks fell on the wet concrete (the concrete was wet because of the rain by the way), I felt like nothing was going to work out for me today. Later on, when I finally got to the school the doors were locked. I started to wonder what could be wrong, and then I remembered that it was saturday, I felt like hanging myself from the neck.

After all that I got home, my pc components were finally arrived so I started assembling them. After the assembly was complete I started to install Windows so I could use the pc.

When Windows was finished installing, I launched Starcraft 2 and began loosing to those Korean players. After the fifteenth loss in a row, by my lacing skills in starcraft I got depressed and I went to bed to cry myself to sleep.