Last saturday I wanted to do something special and fun. So I called my best friend. She woke up at my call even though the clock was already twelve! I rushed him up and come with me for a run. We had running a long time until it started to rain so hard, that we were soaking wet. But luckily it was very warm day.

         In the evening when we had eaten a lot and dry it was time prepare to the party. The trip took quite a long time because it’s located at Vantaa. There was lot of  our friend and other people. The house was like a huge estate. We danced and  had fun.

        Evening went very fast and everyone leave to home at half past twelve. We had the intention to go home by bus but when it came my friend noticed that her wallet was gone. We were desperate and was so cold and dark. For a while we just sat by the wayside until some two guys stopped  by car front of us and asked did we need a ride. We were very relieved and in the end we got home safely.