Best day of my summer holiday was probably one day  when  I was in Turkey.  Actually the whole holiday was really nice, but this one day was my favourite.  I woke up and I ate  good breakfast watermelon, strawberries, juice, croissants, orange… really good : )

The weather was the greatest, heat of about 35 degrees and the sun was shining and the sky was cloudless. I went in boat trip, I saw a couple of turtles. And I jump from the boat´s bow. The bow was quite high.  I Also played volleyball with the other people who was on the boat trip.

The group leader asked volunteers for banana boat ride, and I went and that was good choise because that was really fun. Me and my little sister  were the only ones who stay until the end of the ride.

In the evening we go to the city to eat and shopping. We saw men who dancing something Turkish dance. So the evening was really nice too : )