Today I woke at seven and i was really tired. It was hard to wake up. School started at eight. I was really tired but it was really exciting and funny to go to school again. I went to garage to get my bicycle and I left my home behind. I drove my bike at full speed to school. It was a wet road so my speed was just around 150 km/h so I went late to my first lesson.

At school my first lesson was mathematics. It was not a normal lesson because I forgot to make my homework last evening. I was really scared. Luckily the teacher did not saw my big mistake. After mathematic we had P.E. in schools sportshall. We played basketball. I won all of the games by myself. That was normal P.E. lesson for me.

Then I had english lesson. We started to write a blog in English. I did not have nothing to write so I wrote a story of my day. 

Here is a video of me dunking at P.E. lesson: