When I woke up on monday morning it was raining as hard as ever, and I had to go to school. I was starving, so I went downstairs to eat, but there was nothing at all in the fridge.

So I left for school on my bike. It was raining and the concrete was slippery. So when I turned from a crossing someone was coming against me and I tried to dodge him and fell on the ground. I tried to get up but my shoulder was hurting like hell. I think it was broken. So I got up and went back home, I called my dad that I had broken my shoulder, he came home and we went to te hospital. The doctor said that he had to wrap the hand in a cast, and that it was going to take a while for it to recover.

When I got home from the hospital I was really tired. I had to eat a ton of painkillers, but the hand was still hurting. I was high from all the drugs I had taken so I fell asleep.