I was so tired when i woke up. I drinked my coffee, bag my bags and went to my new car. I stared the car and the sound was awesome ofcourse becouse it was a v6 turbo engine. I left my house and start driving to work.

          In work I was so bored that i just played games with my phone and waited that i could go to home watch hockey with my frieds. After work i drived to the wrong way and I was pissed off ! I got bit horry becouse the hockey match was starting soon and ofcourse i drived little over speed and cops stopped me. I was pissed alredy and I got a fine for speeding.

Bad luck just continued. Five minutes after the fine someone crushed my brand new car. I started to scream and i haven`t been that angry for a long time. I got to say it was worst day of my life so far.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiMaOmDtaYI  This is what i felt in that moment.

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