Today was one of the most interesting and scariest day in my school. This day started like any other typical day. I get up, put some clothes on, eat some breakfast, run to my bus stop and finally get to school and to my class.

Well what was so different about this day, you might be thinking. During my second class we could smell smoke in our classroom. Floor felt warmer than usually. Everybody in the classroom started talking about smoke. Next we hear an announcement coming out of a speaker. Class was dead silent. It turned out there is a fire under us, in the kitchens to be exact. The lady in the speaker kindly told us to leave by marked emergency routes and not to panic.

Our class got up and headed to nearest exit. We had a meet up at the field next to our school so teachers could tell there was nobody in the building. Luckily everybody in my school got out in time and didn’t get hurt. School took small damage but we still didn’t have any school during the following week since they were repairing our burnt and beautiful school.