A month ago I went to a store to buy some juissi with my friend but then I hobo came there and punched my friend and I had to call an ambulance, few months after the accident I met stalin I killed him and took his army to conquer the United States. It didn’t really work out so I just went home to eat some bread and drink vodka with comrades, it was guite a regular day to me. Week after the monthly event i went home back to Finland because I had home in America, well not my home but my friends house.

When I went back to Finland i had to go school and it was the worst, I didn’t know anything because I was out for a month! After a long day in school I learned nothing, nothing at all and I was mad so I went to home to sleep. After a goog night sleep it was  WEEKEND! I wasn’t really that excited because I didn’t have any plans.

So I started calling my friends and i left home but only thing I dont know is when I come back, maybe tomorrow or after 1 hour maybe just maybe…