Yesterday we decided to have a party at Rebekka’s home, because she’s father wasn’t home. First we started to call people if they would like to come there. We cleaned little bit, but that wasn’t wise because there gonna be messy anyway. We went to buy some alcohol, and soon people start to come. 

Suddenly people just keep coming and coming and we couldn’t keep control anymore. There was like sixty people in small apartment, but it was fun. Everybody was dancing! We listened this song the whole time 

It was really interesting night, some guys came there and they start to throw things in to walls and they were so crazy and scary!! We couldn’t do anything, cause they were so drunk and violent. People start to yell and cry and running around in the house, and trying to get out of the house.  Me and Rebekka tried to yell those guys to stop throwing things around, but they act like they didn’t hear us, it was so annoying. Rebekka opened the door and we all left the building.

After we were outside, Rebekka called the police to help. It took a while them to get there, but when they came I was so happy. Cops ran inside the house, and soon they had two ugly guys with them and put them in to car.

 After that we went to inside, and we were shocked!! The place looked awful, but we had to start cleaning.  It took four hours to clean the whole place!  Rebekka’s father found out that we had a party, and he was so mad!  We never want to have a party anymore. That was something, that I always remember!

Don’t take this too seriously haha 🙂