Greeting Earthlings!

I woke up today at 06,55 AM, and I felt really sublime. The morning tea was drank with some leftover muttons. The Day was coming to be a really riveting, just like this tale. Unfortunately when I ate my muttons with my green tea, I realised that i had a long day of high-school ahead of me. So I packed my bag, and left for a adventure of a lifetime.

 I was walking down the rural alley this morning, when I saw a beautiful bee trying to massacre me, so I did what all good Frenchman do best in, Surrendering. When I was ready to submit to the bee’s will, the bee just looked at me and left. I was relieved by the fact, that the bees release their prisoners, as many other creatures just kill their victims of terror, like snakes and snails.

When I reached the international metro station of Rastila, I was relieved by the fact that the rural area of Rastila was behind of me, and that the urban area started, but urban area was full of dangers also. The Bees and the snails of the rural area were changed to be homeless hobos and street gangsters of the urban area.

I was stabbed by a hobo and I spend the rest of the day in the hospital.



The Unexpected Turn of Events that result in the episode of conclusion of this chapter of my life.