When I and my family went to the Italy we had to wake up 4.00 a.m. It was so early and I was so tired, but I was really excited because I love going abroad. I had been in Italy two years ago so Italy wasn´t so new place for me. I had missed Italian food because that is best food in the whole world.

When we came to the Italy It was hot but stormy. It rained only one hour and that´s it. We went to the beach and bought some ice-cream. Italian ice cream is really delicious and I have ever ate anything like that. It is the best ice-cream in the whole world. I wasn´t tired anymore because sunny and hot weather made me happy.

In the evening we went to the  restaurant and I ate pizza which was damn good. Everybody watched Italy-Germany match and Italy won. It was time to celebrate. Everyone were very glad but German tourists were depressed. We went to the hotel over midnight. It was long but lovely day of my life!