[Each chapter tells a different story]

I feeling pretty awesome after this weekend! Last friday I went weekend camp with youngsters like me. I remembered already many of their faces. I think my name memory is worse than my face memory because after the weekend I didn’t remember everybody’s name — Luckily for me, almost everybody has Facebook nowadays. We had a lot of great time together — there was a lot of awesome persons. We played different board games together and one dude introduced how to make easy magic tricks with playing cards — It was cool and of course amazing.

Two weeks ago when I was in the cinema and Barack Obama (the President of United States) and Jyrki Katainen (the Prime minister of Finland) were sitting next to me. I was really excited. They weren’t interested in international politics at all, they only wanted to talk about the movie and who is the best actor. I was one of the actors in the movie. We won together example many Oscar prizes.
Just a couple of days ago I watched television. I watched television news and I saw my old comprehensive school. The day was very funny from my and my friend perspective. I think that even the world smallest things can make you happy if you only think that those things are ridiculous.