When I woke up I didn’t know that I was going to see Steve Vai’s concert in the evening. It was 8th of december my birthday. In breakfast table dad told me that he had bought tickets to the concert. I couldn’t believe it!! I Finally got tickets to Vai’s gig! It was extremely hard to keep myself calm because he is god of mine. I was so exited! But… it was a school day so I had to go school and I couldn’t concentrate at school at all.

Finally the concert started. First song which he played was Building the Church(see the clip below). Intro of that song is mind-blowing! I haven’t never seen better tapping technique. His music drugged me. It surely was the best moment of my life and I’m pretty sure that it won’t happen again. He played a few hours and it surprised me that he played all of my favorite songs. After the gig he signed my guitar and I got a picture of me and him.

Unfortunately this is just my imagination… But some day and somehow I will get tickets to Steve Vai’s concert.