Last Thursday I had the worst day of my life. The day began when woke up, put  my clothes on and was already late from the first lesson. or that’s what I thought. I immediately ate some bread, put my shoes on and started running to the bus stop. Few seconds after leaving the house it started RAINING. I had to run as fast as I could to reach the bus in time. After reaching the school I remembered that we didn’t have the first lesson at all so in other words I arrived to school 40 minutes too early.

Later that day I was walking to the bus stop and just when I went out of the schoolyard it started raining again. Around 17 pm I was in home. I called my friends and we went out. I met my friends near Puotila’s Metro and after everyone had arrived we went to nearest pizza restaurant. We ate and left the restaurant, went to nearest park and did nothing.

In the evening we were just hanging around and the feeling was soooo looseeee. It felt like I was flying around. I was so tired. I took the first bus, went to home and straight to sleep.

At the time I felt loose: