Day to remember

It was a normal rainy morning about two months ago,a friend of mine called and asked me to go to the fair with one of our common friend.
We went to the Helsinki Fair Center with two Ktm dukes. The fair’s theme was extreme car show and the fair was good but what made it a memorable day was that there were two C4 Corvettes.(I’m probably going to buy one even they are supposed to be very difficould to drive) Also the fact that I went to or we went to talk to the owner of the  Lamborghini gallardo lp 560-4 after litle discussion. I get to sit down and enjoy the lamborghini. I really appreciate the fact that some just let an unknown person to sit in a very expensive car, in fact, I wouldn’t have let anybody in if it had been my car and I also liked the fact that such a car is in a country so close to the Arctic circle. Anyway it was really memorable experience to me but it may not seem so awesome to all people.