At last years July I was with my friend Noora and we were thinking about going out and drink, so we called to our friend Sevi if she wanted to  join us. Noora and Sevi didn’t have a lot of money so I paid our drinks. Noora called to her friend who was selling cheap vodka. Me and Noora went to Itäkeskus to buy two vodka bottles, after that we went back to Kontula and  at the mall we saw Jenna our other and asked if she wanted to come along. Three of us went to Vesala junior high school to meet Sevi.

We were sitting in subway and we stopped at Itäkeskus to get some lemonade and blanded it with vodka. Then we got back to the subway and we drank a little bit on the way to the centrum. We were just walking and sitting somewhere in the centrum and drank. We went to Pikkuhuopalahti to do some business and we saw couple of our friends there.  We were just chilling and drinking there. And I changed my shorts to jeans at the tram…

At 23.00 we went to Rautatientori, Jenna and Noora left home and me and Sevi stayed there for a while. Some friend called to Sevi and asked if we wanted to go to some party. So we went to the railwaystation and waited a train. We sat and talked on the train before we were at Tikkurila. When were got there some guys came with a car to pick up us. When we finally got to the party almost everybody was left or passed out but we still had a great night. We got a ride to back to Kontula and we went eating kebab.